Server Rules (Important, please read if you are not familiar with common rules or just curious about ours)

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Server Rules (Important, please read if you are not familiar with common rules or just curious about ours)

Post by Agent on Wed Aug 19, 2015 10:05 pm

RM Gaming HL2RP Server Rules:

1. Metagaming will result in swift punishment, depending on the severity, it may result in a maximum of a 1 day ban for a first offense (Perma for third.)
2. Minging/Trolling is frowned upon, make your descriptions legitimate (I honestly don't care if they are bad, ask me for help, trust me, I love teaching and helping people new to the game mode.)
3. IC Racism is completely allowed without limits, HOWEVER, if it gets to a point where it turns into people minging (I.E. rdming because people are black/asian/white) This privilege will be revoked, always inform myself or another SA+ before doing anything within your "racist" group involving things such as: Murders due to race, Lynching, propaganda, and other things of that sense so that we can help draw the line between what is mingy, and what is legitimate.
4. OOC Racism towards other players WILL NOT be tolerated, i'm here to create a fun and enjoyable immersion experience for all of my players and staff, there are no exceptions to this rule, only in very significant circumstances, will someone not be perma banned for this offense.
5. Respect your fellow players and they will respect you back, if someone is new to the game mode, Ask me (Asiant) to talk them through a few of the basic things, or be a good Samaritan and help them learn yourself.
6. I'm just gonna get it out of the way, I don't appreciate suckups, and just because you flatter me on something, will not mean you gain any advantage in the playing field over ANY other player, even players that I have personal issues with (if this ever were to happen.) will be treated fairly.
7. In terms of ERP, it is allowed. You should be doing this in a private setting, if members around you can read your /me's and begin to be offended, you must stop what you are doing, you can pause RP and resume it later, but I would prefer not to have obnoxious sex roleplay coming from every apartment.
8. RDM is not tolerated, this goes without saying.
9. NLR will be put into effect with any UCP below the rank of 01, all ranks above will have a total of 4 lives, once the 4th life is done, your character is banned and you must restart (SeC is the only exception to this rule, as there could be a problem that arises if all high ranking offivers are deceased and noone could promote anyone.) NLR will also be in effect for citizens, citizens in gangs, and in some cases small resistance groups.
10. I personally ask that noone pesters me with questions like "When will my app be read?" and so on, this will only make me less inclined to check your app, I read apps nearly every night, so if i miss a day or two please dont beat me up about it.
11. I ask that 99% of the time you stay IC, I understand that during downtime you could be inclined to mess around and make fun, but any deaths or anything of the matter of losing items and such during OOC screw around sessions WILL NOT be refunded.
12. Please be respectful to me and my staff, I know I make mistakes, but please try and stay calm when talking to us, I understand conversations could get a bit heated but everyone should be atleast attempting to get along for the greater good.

(Rules are subject to change as time goes on.)


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